More than Coincidence

Albert Einstein said that coincidence was God’s way of remaining anonymous.  Even this esteemed twentieth century brainiac knew that some things in our physical world could not be explained by science, law, or reason.

Throughout my years as a Christian I have observed with awe, God’s considerate and deliberate dealings with man. It is impossible to ignore His purposeful intervention with people and His tenacious endeavors toward accomplishing His will on the earth.

God does nothing haphazardly, so on those occasions when our physical and non-physical worlds function synergistically and deliver uncanny outcomes, it is more than coincidence; it is divine design!

dreamstime_13391381sI recently posted an entry called Place in this World.  It concerned, Bella, our new baby grand-daughter who was adopted by our daughter and husband last month.  Something extraordinary happened shortly after that entry was posted that I would like to share.

Our daughter-in-law, Michelle, told me that she had been searching for a black baby doll to give to Julianna, Bella’s new 4 ½ year-old sister. Bella is African American and her new family members are Caucasian, so this would be a sweet and thoughtful gift for Julianna. Michelle had visited some local stores and had not yet found the doll.

As she spoke, I remembered that I played with a black doll more than 40 years ago; it was special to me so I kept it.  I immediately unpacked the doll from storage.

Similar to Bella, the doll had a beautiful face with dark curly hair, though her outfit was worn and her body needed to be cleaned. I intended to give the doll to Michelle so that she could fix her up as a gift for Julianna, but she said that she would continue her quest for another. She felt that since it was my personal doll I should be the one to pass her on.

So the next day I bought the doll some new clothes, washed her, fixed her hair, and proceeded to dress her, when I noticed the branding that was embossed on her back. I decided to read it and what I saw was undeniably divine design.

The name “Bella” was imprinted in quotes on the doll’s plastic body! I could not believe my eyes! I blinked and stared; I don’t recall for how long.  All I could say was, “Wow …God …you are amazing”!

It didn’t take a genius to recognize the author of this outcome! God set something in motion years ago that He had just brought full circle.  I grew up playing with a beautiful black doll and branded on her back was the name Bella! What a coincidence

Psalm 33:11 NIV But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Orig Posted by Donna M Dougherty at 6/12/2010 12:01 PM

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