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Author Donna Tramonte Dougherty
Author Donna Tramonte Dougherty

Welcome to AllWeatherGod, a place of encouragement. I’m honored by your visit.

My life,  like the weather, has been subject to extreme and often unwelcome change. The entries here are a collection of my experiences and lessons learned.  I hope that you read something in these pages to help you through the  unpredictable times in your life.

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Warmly, Donna

My story:  I was born in Boston, Mass. and lived in the state most of my life.  I was married in 1977 and divorced in 2014.  We had 3  amazing children who are now all married, blessing us with 8 adorable grandchildren. I had one sibling, a sister.  Cheryl died of breast cancer in 2012.

In terms of education I have a bachelor’s in business administration and I am a licensed minister.  I was an entrepreneur most of my life; My now x-husband and I ran three different technology businesses, which we eventually sold.  I am now an operations manager for a church in Massachusetts where I have been for more than 10 years.

I became a born again christian in 1976 after a long, arduous search for the meaning of life.   I will be forever grateful for having found it!

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